Ionesco / Dinner at The Smith’s


Adapted from the life and works of Eugène Ionesco

Latvian Center (London 2017)
Les Grands Voisins (Paris 2017)

Directed by Marianne Badrichani
Adapted by Edith Vernes and Marianne Badrichani
With Sharlit Deyzac, Sion Hughes, Jorge Laguardia, David Mildon, Lucy Russel and Edith Vernes

Ionesco/Dinner at The Smith’s is a pop-up, immersive and bilingual theatrical experience inspired by the life and works of Romanian-French playwright Eugène Ionesco.

“Surreal, erotic & profoundly absurd, leaving us baffled, bewitched and, in some cases, breathless with laughter”

London Theatre ★★★★

“This is a splendid production balancing the need to reach out to an audience whilst remaining true to its roots. Roll in the intimacy of its unique venue and it’s an example of event theatre that really works”

Broadway World UK ★★★★ 

Ionesco/Dinner at the Smith’s’ is ultimately a sensitive, touching and funny adaptation that goes far beyond its buzzword.”

Exeunt ★★★★